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Jean-Paul Radic

Self-taught artist, I started at the age of 15 with oil painting then I very quickly turned to watercolor which suited me better: speed, fluidity and transparency of the color while subtly handling the 'water. It was while residing on the banks of the Loire, in Amboise then in Brittany that the virus of watercolor really took root and never left me. Indeed, the landscapes of the Loire, with their towns and castles, the mist and the changing colors over the seasons remain as captivating as ever. As for Brittany, it remains for me the paradise of the watercolourist!

Then a few years ago, I found drawings of portraits of animals in pencils made when I was 20 years old. This gave me the idea to redo animal drawings. And it was gone!

Drawing animals is a bit like going into their wild intimacy. The softness, the strength, the beauty and the expression of their looks, their facial expressions, their characters give me real pleasure but at the same time a real challenge; but what a satisfaction to see them on paper taking shape little by little.

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